8 plants perfect for a small bathroom with little light

When we think about where to place plants for the interior decor of our homes, the bathroom is probably the last place we think about. However, due to their characteristics, some plants seem made specifically for the bathroom .

The bathroom environment almost always has little light and excess humidity , characteristics that are not optimal for most plants, but which can even be beneficial for some species.

Here are 8 plants perfect for placing in a small, dimly lit bathroom .

  1. Sansevieria
    It is one of the best known plants and this is due to its incredible ability to resist adverse conditions, such as little light and little water.

Choose well-drained soil to avoid waterlogging which could cause the roots to rot.

  1. Pot
    If it is placed in a very bright place it will have yellowish leaves, while if it is placed in the shade its leaves will be intense green. This plant can also be hung, and therefore fits into small spaces.

Due to the lack of light it probably won’t grow much and will have small leaves, but it is ideal for a small bathroom.

  1. Aspidistra
    Native to Asia, it can grow well in every corner of the house, including the bathroom. It needs a very humid environment, which ensures that its leaves are always green and healthy.

Water moderately, but be sure to keep the soil moist.

  1. Dieffenbachia
    It has dark spots on the leaves and is one of the most popular and widespread houseplants, also due to its shade tolerance.

While it’s common to see it in offices, it can be a perfect option for dimly lit bathrooms.

  1. Jewel of Zanzibar
    This tropical plant is native to Africa and has similar needs to sansevieria. In general it grows well even with very little care and adapts to poorly lit spaces.

It needs little water and is a perfect plant for beginners.

  1. Aglaonema
    It requires a humid environment and is therefore ideal for the bathroom. However, this plant does not tolerate hot steam, so if you like to shower with very hot water, it may not be suitable for your bathroom.
  2. Calathea
    This plant adapts well to humid environments, it is available in many different colors and therefore you can choose the one that aesthetically best suits the bathroom decor.

Keep the soil slightly moist, except during winter, when it should dry out between waterings.

  1. Jade tree
    The dark green color of this plant is perfect for the bathroom. It should be watered every time the soil dries out completely.

Never expose this plant to direct sunlight, but provide it with some light.

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